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QVCS is an affordable version control system that includes support for IDE integration. It matches more expensive products in features that are useful to small teams, and is easy to use and administer. Integrate with MS VC++ and other IDEs. See at a glance which files are checked out, which files have changed since check out, who most recently changed a file, etc. Perform common operations like check in or check out with the click of a button. QVCS-Pro supports both text and binary files.QVCS-Pro has extensive on-line help, and two separate tutorials to introduce a new user to the product. The QVCS-Pro GUI tool (called QWin) displays the revision history of the files in a project and allows the user to sort the revision history by a number of criteria, including checkin date, filename, locker, etc. QWin can filter the revision history to show only those revisions that pass the filter criteria. It can print reports for the current list of revisions. QWin allows the user to sort and filter the list of files that it displays. File filtering allows the user to limit the set of files that QWin will display and perform operations on. Files can be filtered by file extension, label, most recent revision date, etc. QWin supports file and project level operations, so you can check out a single file, or check out all the files in a project with a few mouse clicks. QWin has support for 'file groups' so you can perform the same operation on a group of files by selecting just one of the files in the file group. This is especially useful for Delphi and Visual Basic users.

Our Review:
This is perhaps the most powerful version control system I have seen for the Windows operating environment. QVCS-Pro provides a fantastic and easy to use GUI. Also included with the program is a very good tutorial to guide you through setting the program up and using the more basic features of the software. The program has a number of advanced features such as report generation keyword insertion into binary or source code files. This is a definite must for any software developers out there looking for a revision control system for Windows.

Licence: Shareware - 30 Days Trial Version: 3.5C
OS: Win 95/98, Win 2000, Win NT Date: 2000/12/29
Developer: Quma Software, Inc. Size: 1.77 MB
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Yippee Ratings Breakdown (5 is best):
Installation: 2 Interface: 4 Functionality: 5 Documentation: 3

This software's licence is Shareware - 30 Days Trial, which means that this program allows a free trial period of 30 days from the installation date. This is not free software. Subject to the author's terms, you are licensed by the author to use this software for evaluation purposes without charge for a period of 30 days. If you use this software after the 30-day evaluation period a registration fee is required.

If you wish to register and receive the full version of this Shareware - 30 Days Trial program, it will cost you US$ 40.00

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