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Mojo Nation 

Mojo Nation is a peer-to-peer content distribution technology. Mojo Nation stores and delivers any kind of data -- text, sounds, moving and still pictures, and other binary files. The Mojo Nation software is a public prototype that demonstrates this technology. What makes Mojo Nation different from other file-sharing systems? Other file-sharing systems are plagued by "the tragedy of the commons," in which rational folks using a shared resource eat the resources to death. Most often, the "Tragedy of the Commons" refers to farmers and pasture, but technology journalists are writing about overloaded servers, and users who download repeatedly but never contribute to the system. In Mojo Nation, every transaction costs some Mojo, and to acquire Mojo, one must contribute resources to the community. Users who do not contribute must wait in line for contested resources, so the Mojo payment system also serves as a distributed load balancer. When demand for content is not great, the cost of providing that data is close to zero. When there is contention for that resource, then the payment system comes into play -- Mojo Nation's distributed load balancing moves some clients to a less-occupied server, while other users have the option to use accumulated credit to move to the head of line.

Our Review:
When it comes to file sharing, there seems to be two camps. In one corner we have the likes of Napster with the fancy interfaces and instant messaging etc. and in the other we have the likes of Mojo Nation - primarily HTML and Java-based with a background 'broker' program doing all the work (Similar to Freenet, only a whole lot better). Mojo doesn't have the huge number of users that other programs have meaning if you are after quick and easy access to MP3s and videos you will be disappointed. What Mojo Nation does have though is a highly innovative system of Mojo, which acts as a sort of e-currency that you earn by publishing your own files to the net and spend by downloading others. It may sound a bit like those damned ratios FTP have, but you aren't actually uploading when you publish and it does tend to reduce the number of freeloaders leeching off the generous. Mojo Nation is unlikely to replace Napster, but if you are after the more obscure things such as E-Books and software you should give this one a go. Highly Recommended.

Licence: Freeware Version: 0.936 Beta
OS: Win 95/98, Win 2000, Win NT Date: 2001/01/12
Developer: Mojo Nation Size: 5.20 MB
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This software's licence is Freeware, which means that this program is FREE to distribute on any kind of media.

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